“Consciousness drives the universe … I don’t think it’s an accident.” Dr Stuart Hammerof on Closer To Truth, You Tube.

Is Dr Hammerof describing the same consciousness as the Reality mystics experience so profoundly?

He also suggests in the interview that intuition derives from this universal consciousness.

This sounds very like the intuition that mystics are known for. It suggests some scientists at least are open to the experience of the mystics that they are notably connected to all consciousness by a greater Reality.

It certainly seems a likely explanation for how I ‘know’ the human race’s destiny is in preparation for total body and brain annihilation after death into pure spirit in the next stage of Reality, and that Reality is in charge.

Dr Hameroff is an American anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Arizona known for his studies of consciousness. Wikipedia.


  1. Interesting stuff. I had of course heard of his work with Penrose but was unaware of this pan-psychic side of his views. I will watch the video with great interest. I always find myself hoping that such people are right!


    1. I was cut off!

      As I was saying, while most scientists on the subject, including Roger Penrose, say the brain produces everything, David Chalmers suggests consciousness is fundamental, stands alone. My mystical experiences back Chalmers.

      From what I can see scientists still take anthropological positions. I suppose this is necessary for them to eventually realise at first hand that approach is a dead end.

      Best wishes,



    2. I was cut off!

      But I was saying that while scientists like Roger Penrose accredit the brain to producing consciousness, scientists like David Chalmers says consciousness stands alone, is fundamental to all existence. My mystic experiences tell me Chalmers is on the right path but scientists who still take the anthropological approach will finally find themselves in a dead end.


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