Spiritual Essays #32

I thought you might enjoy this essay. It speaks to my mystical experiences!


Kelly's Quest

Why Renunciation is Prescribed for Seekers of Truth?


by Jayaram V

Summary: This essay explores the importance of being yourself and seeing things clearly as they are

Try to speak truth for a whole day and see what happens. You will be considered a troll and shut down by many from their communication channels. You will be regarded as a trouble maker, or a dangerous person. People are comfortable with their illusions. If you try to rupture them, you will invite trouble. Therefore, for most of us truth is what is socially acceptable and justifiable rather than what is true.

Being yourself is the first step to be true to yourself. It is an important step in your self-transformation and inner purity. Not many people can practice it, for the same reason as stated before. They cannot alienate people by speaking truth or being truthful. Even the most powerful…

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  1. I read the whole essay and agree with what was said. There is, however, a difference between daily ‘truths’ and absolute Truth. A one Sufi said:

    “Truth is a Way to Love, to Knowledge, to Action. But only those who can find real Truth can follow its Path as a Way. Others imagine that they may find Truth, even though they do not know where to seek it, since what they call truth is something less.” Rauf Mazari


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