I think the differences between the genuine mystical experience of Reality, (MER), and other induced or merely posited experiences claiming to be the real thing are twofold.

First, in my experience, you can’t induce the genuine mystical experience, (MER) by any means known to mankind. Such human experiences are the mere product of artificial interference with the brain’s real, created functions. These results are limited by the human condition to the human condition.

Secondly, genuine mystical experiences are not concerned with the human condition. For some unfathomable reason they prepare some human recipients for something else, something unknown, something ineffable and humanly indescribable, something the human brain simply isn’t ‘wired’ to know, create or communicate on it’s own.

(I’ve often speculated the brain is only spiritually engaged by MER as an inert conduit at best).

All Is Well. Reality Rules.


  1. Yes, I agree. Psychedelics seem agitate the brain/mind to produce non spiritual effects and phenomena, some of which are mentally damaging. None of them seem to provide a glimpse into real Reality. Many are anthropomorphic too, nothing to do with the real mystical experience of Reality, (MER). No doubt Reality is taking care of the effects of the kind of experimental professors you mention, Ron. Presumably they’re only experimenting with drugs because they can’t/haven’t experienced the real thing. Rather like trying Viagra to artiificially replicate the real thing …


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