Lust, anger, greed, attachments and ego can be seen as the negative attributes that separate humans from Reality, the “veils” between people and, for instance, the ‘God’ of the Christian bible.

These veils have been lifted from mystics of all ages and – wait for it – are being lifted from older humans!  

Have you noticed that as humans get older, whether they’re religious or spiritually aware or not, these ‘veils’ are lifting? 

Are these signs most seniors are in the process of shedding their humanity to becoming pure mystical spirits of existence after human death – becoming one in everything known and unknown in what mystics have already experienced? 

Is this an indication we discard the body and brain for our true selves after death as the mystic experience suggests? Are we in evolutionary process whether we like it or not?  

Is this further demonstration Reality rules; unto and even after death?

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  1. I wonder whether ALL people ditch the nonsense as they get older? Some of us certainly see through the veil and recognize materialism and human strivings as absurd and yet there appear to be large numbers who never make that transition.

    Perhaps that is why the Buddhists have always believed in re-incarnation. The hope that eventually a “soul” eventually sees through all the nonsense and absurdity given enough rides on the merry go round of life in the material universe.

    In any event, for some the path becomes ever clearer although, given human frailty, the task of abandoning the seven deadly sins is not linear!

    Or thus I have found.

    All good wishes


  2. I suspect many people don’t notice these changes any more than trees see anything noteworthy in losing their leaves in Autumn/Fall.

    Or if people do notice they are unusually sensitive, have the changes brought to their attention, or accept them as so natural a part of life they don’t see them as worth mentioning either.

    Most of Reality’s developmental processes, inluding the mystical experience of Reality itself, are so unobtrusively natural even Seekers or nascent mystics sometimes need a ‘guru’ or the deep Silence to point them out.

    These are inexorable, generic, personal processes of development. I doubt Reality excludes anything or anyone in Creation.

    As ever, I enjoy your thoughtful comments Anthony.

    Kind regards, Keith.

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