“Dante teaches us that making this world better has its place, but there is an entirely better world of true communion with God …” 

Father Raymond J. de Souza, priest, theologian, philosopher, scholar. ( wrote this in a recent newspaper review of Dante’s famous search for reality in the poem, The Divine Comedy.

This poem is the core, the very essence of the Mystic Experience of Reality (MER), if my own MERs are anything to go by …

This love is not the human love of lust, anger, greed, and ego. Reality’s love is beyond description but undeniable, the basis of all existence. It is real and everlasting.

Father de Souza says Dante is writing about, ”… divine love at the heart of reality, not the emptiness of random chance.”

I thought it appropriate to bring Dante’s 700 year old exposition of the MER experience to those seekers still struggling with their attachments, lured by the cluttering conditioning of their human lives.

For the full effect of Father de Souza’s review go to:

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