The mystical experience of Reality (MER) shows us if you take ‘God’ seriously you are failing. 

You have chosen the artificial road most followed by humans. This brings with it the all too evident consequences worldliness inflicts on your life in particular and on humanity generally …

The earth is an uncountable billions of years old and humans have only been here 4,2 billion or so years. Humans are just passing through to greater things than being merely human. The stewardship of creation has not been left in the hands of such an as yet unevolved species.

Reality is the ultimate truth and Reality creates and adjusts as It sees fit without human interference.

Whatever ‘God’s’ effect was meant to be has passed its shelf life. All the concept of a ‘God’ produces now is just human morality and ethics, not the post human existential spirituality that is Reality. 

I came from a God culture and when my multiple annual MERs were inflicted upon me through no fault or qualification of my own I naturally expected and looked for ‘God’ in my experiences. 

To my great discomfort at the time I never found it. Nor did I see any trace of gods, or humans. In fact I remember in one particularly profound experience how bitterly disappointed I was. I was still me. I was definitely not in any ‘heaven’ and definitely not with any biological or humanly mythomanic ‘God’.

I was however awed, humbled, and powerfully reduced to pure spirit with a dissolving, infusing joy. Being returned to ‘my’ human condition was always a lastingly unwelcome, traumatic experience.

‘God’ on the other hand is a human construct. It is not real. It is artificial. Its influence is temporary and needs constant maintenance.

So even if called as a Seeker you take ‘God’ or anything human, even yourself, into your meditations, you are failing.

In my experiences Reality demands that we go into the Silence alone and unnamed, naked from all thought – to submit and finally awaken. 

All Is Well.

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