“Although mystics sometimes retreat from the outer world to develop a deeper awareness of inner reality, mysticism itself does not require retreat. Becoming a mystic does not require an escape from the so-called “real world.” In fact, “practical mysticism” calls upon us to be very present and aware of whatever is going on in the world, without buying into its illusions.”

MYSTICISM AND MAGIC ebook by Jon Munday, PhD.



  1. Thanks, Anthony. I was tempted to edit discreetly the description of mystic development as an “inner reality”. It isn’t.

    Mysticism is a revelation of the outer reality of the beginning and endlessness of a Reality in which everything known and unknown exists at that Reality’s behest. We are that.

    Being merely human isn’t the be-all and end-all of our continuing evolutionary existence.

    Kindest regards, Keith.


  2. I am very wary of “A Course in Miracles”. I read it some 15 years ago and discarded it half way through. The writer claims it was dictated to her word for word by Jesus. It smelled (to me at least) cultish and somewhat creepy. I only mention it since Jon Mundy seems to be heavily involved with the promotion of the whole ACIM bandwagon. https://www.miraclecenter.org/wp/about/people/jon-mundy/

    On a far brighter note I am just reading an biography of Rowan Williams. I have never met him to talk to but sat next to him one evening in the choir stalls of Canterbury Cathedral for evensong. I have always found him deeply impressive.

    I was much impressed with his inaugural speech and although he is a committed Christian to the extent I could never be, he does have a keen awareness and appreciation of “Reality”. He clearly has a deeply mystical side to him and I intend to read more of his writing. I can not bring myself to believe in a “Trinity” and I have great difficulty in accepting Jesus as “the son of God”. Let alone the truly awful doctrine of original sin. And yet, if you cast aside the dogma and look at Rowan William’s deepest thoughts it is clear that he has seen “Reality” and knows that “all is well”.

    I only mention this since, like you, I am rereading spiritual texts I visited many years ago and am finding far greater solace and meaning there than I did when I first found them. Apart from the saintly and deeply holy Williams, I am re-reading Thomas Merton, Meister Eckhart, DJ Suzuki, and a whole raft of Eastern texts.


  3. I didn’t realise Jon Mundy is “heavily involved” in ‘A Course In Miracles” when I wrote a post about his book (that looks as if it will be scheduled for posting around October/November).

    The use of the word ‘miracles’ in the title of his book should have warned me. I experienced nothIng of the sort in my experiences of the mystical experience of Reality, (MER).

    Reality is natural, real. I don’t see how the superstitious human gullibility implied in the use of the word can be used to describe the ineffable but undeniable existence of what the mystics experience.

    Kindest regards,



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