“Although mystics sometimes retreat from the outer world to develop a deeper awareness of inner reality, mysticism itself does not require retreat. Becoming a mystic does not require an escape from the so-called “real world.” In fact, “practical mysticism” calls upon us to be very present and aware of whatever is going on in the world, without buying into its illusions.”

MYSTICISM AND MAGIC ebook by Jon Munday, PhD.



  1. Thanks, Anthony. I was tempted to edit discreetly the description of mystic development as an “inner reality”. It isn’t.

    Mysticism is a revelation of the outer reality of the beginning and endlessness of a Reality in which everything known and unknown exists at that Reality’s behest. We are that.

    Being merely human isn’t the be-all and end-all of our continuing evolutionary existence.

    Kindest regards, Keith.


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