I had an email comment on the post, A NEW REVELATION. Here it is, with my replies:

Email: “Makes sense. There are no failures. Because there are no measures.”

My reply: Acute observation!

Email: “It’s a blink in eternity, this current ‘consciousness’.”

My reply: Consciousness is a human word – of no consequence to Reality; though it may be  consequential to humans as a measure of their evolutionary progress into Reality.

Email: “I’m not anxious to find out what comes next. But it is, what it is. Just a passenger, along for the ride…”

My reply: Just so!

Email: “… or a hapless aberration (of an infinite spectrum of identicals and variations) clinging on for dear life!”

My reply: No. Evolution is a purposeful method of Reality, though why is still a mystery, even to mystics so far as my mystical experiences of Reality (MER) go …  Nothing is ‘accidental’, ‘purposeless’.

Reality rules!  All Is Well.


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