Mind versus humanity.

Some scientists believe the brain is limited to feedback from the senses’ experiences of matter and the body. 

Science then invented the invisible mind as a device to translate ways to invent ways of thought to make human sense of the limited perceptions of this brain.

(The limits of the brain and mind are further exemplified, for instance, in the fact we apparently only developed the ability to see colour a comparatively few hundred years ago … we don’t even have the clarity of smell dogs have, nor can we hear as well as they do …).

Thus this mind thing not only became the progenitor of all human comfort such as shelter, clothing, travel, trade, agriculture, industry, commerce, mythomanic religions, communication, language, entertainment, emotion, music, literature, poetry and war etc – but also of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego …

It is because of the mind’s development of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego that some mystic schools warn us mind is the seminal source of all evil, a distraction in mankind’s spiritual evolution into true existential Reality from our present primitive state.

The mind even resists our determined attempts at meditation.

That’s the bad news! The good news is that the brain is also, primarily, before all else, a receiver. We have no control over its receiver purpose whatsoever.

The brain’s primary purpose is to receive, reveal and guide individuals into Reality, our true existence.

Mystics are given the ability to receive these revelations. But even they know they aren’t yet capable of receiving the knowledge and understanding of the full extent of Reality’s existence.

All humans, even mystics, are at a comparatively early stage of evolutionary development. When we are more fully evolved, we won’t even be human. Even the brain will be a cosmic appendix, a discarded relic.

As for the mind, it and its present disruptive powers will be redundant too …

All Is Well.


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