QUESTION: When I talk about your posts, not just read them, there is a lot more about them than you put in them. Do you know that? Am I right?

ANSWER: Yes, I always feel there are lots of unwritten digressions my posts raise. I’m surprised they’re not always brought up in the Comments.

Q: Oh, so you see them, but you don’t develop them?

A: I do see them. Sometimes I start developing them. But I stop myself, delete what I’ve digressed into. I’m ruthless in cutting them out, paring down the posts to their bare, uncluttered stark essentials – focused, staying on topic.

Q: That’s a shame, I get a lot more out of them in hours discussion. The posts are not as simple as they seem.

A: They appeal on many levels of understanding. People can only bring or take from them what they can.

I’m reminded of a Master who was accused of giving different answers to his initiates’ same question. He replied that each individual with the same question was at a different level of understanding. His lessons were beautifully focused and simple.

Q: Oh, I like that. (Laughs). Is that what you’re doing?

A: Kind of …

Some scientists are an instance of one level of this kind of human limitation. They avoid discussion outside their field or come at these questions I raise in my posts using their science to try picking the locks of Reality without invitation.

(One professor told me he believed in my subject but couldn’t say so because of the prevailing scientific prejudice in his university …).

So, some scientists just pick away in the name of blessed science as an avalanche of dangerous materialistic matter, mind stuff that threatens to engulf their existence while the real stuff of human existence, Reality, remains securely ineffably, intact …

Ineffability is anathema to the primitive experiential foundations of science.

Some scientists just can’t accept science being reduced to mere technology of matter. Science seems to work on them like a religion.

Yet science is being overwhelmed by an educated, growing world-wide awareness of the spiritual nature of humanity and existence.

Science can never prevail against Reality.

(Perhaps some scientists should begin their redemption by discovering and discussing the unwritten parts of my posts in public! Heh, Heh!).

All Is Well.

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