Never under estimate the depth and profundity of the long term and continuing grip of spirituality on Charles.

His coronation was very thoughtful. He is torn between his essence and the calls of human duty.

Consequently, I believe The Coronation was more spiritual seed, some of which will fall on the prepared whether they know it ot not, whether they like it or not.

The spiritual yeast is also working in some, as it always will.

We can’t reach, preach, share, evangelise, or organise the mystical experience of Reality. That doesn’t work. Only Reality endows revelation of Itself, and always on individuals, not the opinionated, or religions, ideologies, cultures and nations.

So if the Pareto Principle is right, 80% of the human race is incapable, unprepared to receive the revelation of the Reality that rules everything known and as yet unknown. Reality has its own timeline …

Consequentially, I fervently wish Charles well.

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  1. Nicely put, Keith.

    I would add that if others with wealth, power and influence around the world were to have and act with the faith that King Charles III is doing, the world will be a much better place…

    Hopefully a little bit of his approach will rub off … subconsciously at least.


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