Q: I’ve been thinking …

A: Oh yes?

Q: The conclusion from your blog’s teachings is that humanity is created by an outside power and that power is only accessible through that power?  Am I right?

A:  I have no teachings! I’m a singular mystic being absorbed into Reality. I’m not sidetracked into ‘guruism’.

The blog simply turns the light of my mystical experiences of Reality, (MER), onto aspects of human existence. You can take from that only what your present spiritual condition allows.  

But you’re right if you mean this Reality is “outside” human existence, is not a human product, isn’t even biological or accessible by human effort. It’s more ‘caught than taught’, as some of the true traditional teachings have experienced and pass on.

Q: Huh. (Pause). But you must have developed your own idea of the effect of this phenomena, as you have called it, on the human race? If all you reveal is true, Reality, as you call it, collapses so many human institutions like religions, politics, ideologies, cultures … 

A: So? (Silence).

Anyway, let’s assume these are all human attempts to help Reality, in which case as a mystic I say, DON’T! WE CAN’T!


Reality doesn’t need or seek our help. It knows what it wants done – WE DON’T.

Q: Yes but doesn’t this make human life meaningless?

A: Much of it, in its present condition, yes. But nothing in Reality is meaningless, changeless. We all have a meaning beyond being merely human.

Human life is evolving under Reality’s tutelage. Such change grinds slowly, but inexorably.

We’re in the very early stages of changing into what we really are. 

Q: But haven’t we been making our own historic progress!? Things are better and getting better than they’ve ever been.

A: Materially, certainly, but not spiritually. Now though perhaps we’re in process of changing gear, even becoming gearless. Or maybe we’re even being made to abandon the need for such things altogether as we become less human focused and more locked on to our true spiritual identities in Reality.

Q: Are you suggesting an Armageddon or something ?

A: (Laughs). No! Reality doesn’t work that way. Violation and violence don’t exist in Reality … Violation and violence are products of the human and other sentient minds in any form.

Reality works by reassuring us with its presence. When it does this It does it with the most powerful, irresistibly contagious force in existence – against which all else fails.

Q: What’s that?

A: Kindness: the most powerful, lasting, ineradicable, secret but universally available of all Reality’s gifts! Kindness abolishes, creates and recreates. It never dies.

We are much loved.

All is well.


  1. “Materially, certainly, but not spiritually.”
    Quite. There is little evidence that we have become a kinder species with all our concentration on the material.

    Yes, I quite agree but I’m not holding my breath. It may be a while coming.

    “doesn’t this make human life meaningless?”
    It does indeed, much of it as you say. The pointless eons old concentration on survival of the self at all costs and the concomitant worship of Mammon. Largely ignoring the spiritual , largely trampling on any meaning other than banal and mindless pursuit of power, conquest and money.

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  2. Perhaps change is indeed coming, but if so, I suspect it will come on a geological timescale. After all, in a universe already purportedly 14bn years old, what is the hurry? And indeed species like our own may have come and gone many times over that period. unable perhaps to absorb the lessons reality hoped they would lean.

    There again, in and on that sort of scale our own small concerns shrink into insignificance beside the infinitude and perhaps timelessness of the universe (or multiverse) as a whole.

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