The experience of Reality teaches that the wishful thinking of the phrases,  “I believe” , along with “I have faith in” or “in the hope”, indicates we don’t know,  that we are in expectation, but don’t really know what is true; we don’t know Reality.

We haven’t got there yet because we’re still seeking our own, human objectives instead of letting go of our egos to let Reality show where we fit into Its purpose.

This is not “religious” truth. This meaning is from far beyond religions or notions of spirituality, our heavens and hells, gods, goddesses, dreams, nightmares even “God”.

The phenomenon of humanity’s actual historical experience of Reality is now being studied by the religious and formerly religious of both sexes, by scholars and academicians, theologians and atheists all over the world, in monasteries, universities and wherever the experience of Reality strikes.

Our experience of Reality is changing. Our language to describe It will have to keep up, it will have to be real from now on.

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