On Mar 7, 2016 3:42 PM, a Follower on this web site asked by email:

I am reading some of your MER ruminations and am having trouble coming to terms with the meaning of Reality as you reference it and its import.

This is what I told him:

Apparently you can only “catch” Reality by experiencing it.  That’s where scientists are coming to the edge of “the Abyss” and realising that mystics are the other side of that abyss and only mystics who have experienced Reality can even begin to understand Reality, which is why there is such an abyss between, on the one hand, scientific experiment with logic, reason, language, mind and brain, and on the other, the mystics and their experience of Reality.

No one knows why some people experience Reality and others don’t. Mystics have no apparent qualifications to receive it, no human standards and nothing much in common with each other personally, nationally, socially or even historically

Reality is not a human attribute. Reality is outside human experience. It exists whether we do or not; it is everything and we are only a part of it. The generality of humans are not wired to understand Reality, yet. Those who do are said by scientists (Sinetar, Burke, Martin etc) to be further evolved, perhaps a different species.The ancient wisdom schools say the whole human race is evolving into pure spirit, ie. Reality. Body, brain and mind will be discarded like appendixes …

So far as Seekers are concerned, they are probably those folk described in the Christian bible as “thirsting after righteousness”, ie. Reality. There again though, no one knows why they get this thirst and others don’t.

It’s as if humans are being harvested, or developed, certainly nurtered.

Keith. Mystic


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