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Humans are not equal. The accepted concept of human equality is a threat to humanity that needs to be challenged.

A realization that comes to those who have the mystic experience of Realty (MER) is the importance of the individual over and above the collective.

The Experience is spontaneous. It is caught, not taught. It comes to humans who have no discernible qualifying qualities known to humanity. It does not come to nations, or any form of community or forced human fashions of history.

It teaches that the human meme that declares all people equal is not only false but, if continually declared as true, is a fundamental evil, a denial of Reality itself. Reality only recognizes individuals.

If we insist on this unsupported assertion of equality, we repeat mankind’s history of denying the right of the individual to exist without conforming to the political, religious and social dogmas, prejudices, communal malices and insanities that lead to continual wars, torture, murder, criminality, and dysfunctional family and national abuse.

You only have to look around you to see the evidence. DNA shows no one is equal.  Not all growth in a forest, sea, or desert is the same, not even in well tended areas. And nor are human beings

“Einstein, Gandhi, a miscarried foetus and I will never understand one another, for we were born and have died or will die for different purposes. Our uniqueness is the purpose, and the Universe made sure of that by mixing up slightly different combinations of base pairs on our DNA strands. The less than 0.1 per cent difference in the DNA of Einstein, Gandhi, the miscarried foetus and I made us all different with differing paths, goals, and purposes in life. The 99.9 per cent of DNA that is the same in the four of us makes us human. The 1.0 per cent of DNA that is uniquely human differentiates us from our evolutionary cousins, the chimpanzees. Yes, 99 per cent of our DNA is common between humans and other primates.

Our essential purpose is both the same and unique. This is the dilemma and dichotomy that drives humans to madness and visions of clarity. Our individual purpose is different.” ~ Dr. Peter Steiner, from THE VOID

Humans are not born equal, do not exhibit equal DNA, talents, attributes, ambitions, grit, or capabilities. The diversities are too many to list outside what would have to be several banks of electronic data.

Insisting otherwise leads us further into the deadening embraces of tribalism, communism, socialism, liberalism, conservatism, totalitarianism and all the other isms that have historically plagued human fulfillment.

Humans need personal space, freedom at its profoundest levels, to be what Reality has made them, to think as they please, with equality of opportunity, without coercion and harassment by the cookie cutter deceit of “equality”.

It is “freedom of opportunity” that will prepare the human race for the evolution into the Reality that mystics already experience, not “equality”.  “Freedom of Opportunity” is a “divine” demand, not just a good idea.

Equality is bunk  But equality of individual opportunity is not.

“Like Jesus, the Gnostic Christians believed that each person carried a different set of needs, different levels of comprehension, and different qualities of maturity …” – Going Beyond the Jesus Story by Douglas Lockhart.


  1. Very good indeed. I think I have always had much difficulty with “equality”. I believe I have misconstrued it in my desire for better conditions for the starving billions. Yes, good point, there can never be equality in this absolute sense. I think I probably unwittingly touched upon this in my recent article on “mysticism” – I do not wish to conform and I certainly do not wish a master or overlord such as the traditional Christians subscribe to. As you rightly say the notion of equality has let to endless misery for the human race. My idea of bliss or nirvana would indeed make this mistaken and impossible idea of equality irrelevant. And of course as you point out it is simply not what the physical world is about. We are all different and should remain so.


  2. Equality is bunk indeed, grossly and dangerously so.

    Emphasis has to be on freedom and equality of opportunity of the individual.

    These elementary principles of Reality promote the fullest evolution of everything, including humans.

    The people do not serve the State, the State must always serve the people, unintrusively and by getting out the way of Reality.

    Best wishes, Keith.


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