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  1. Thanks for the post! On your first day back, too !!!!

    No doubt you’d both like to live and work in the sun for the rest of your lives now? If so, see Lynn Burrows, the other side of our complex, whose daughter and husband are very successful Bucerias realtors. They’re about your age. The visit Lynn every summer and love taking about their business in Mexico. Bucerias is a seaside town not far from Puerto Vallarta, and La PeƱita where we go.

    Anyway, good to have you back. Welcome.



    Keith Hancock Publisher mysticexperiences.net

    On Jan 28, 2017 11:54 AM, “MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES OF REALITY” wrote:

    > mysticexperiences.net posted: “”The most difficult thing about > enlightenment is that it is too simple.” – Sadhguru, Enlightenment: What It > Is ” >


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