Any suggestion that mystical realisation of Reality is “within you” would be limiting if true. There was no suggestion in my experiences that the mystical experience of Reality (MER) is limited to coming from “within”.

We are equipped to receive it but not gift it to ourselves, or to anyone else.

If this “within you” description were true the conclusion would be that human existence, probably only human existence, is necessary to experience MER. That isn’t my experience of the mystical experience of Reality (MER). It’s OUT there and it applies to everything known and as yet unknown, including humans.

The bible puts it well when it refers to the veils lifting (2 Corinthians 3.16). Does this mean yes, that our ability to experience spiritual Reality is real, but latent, can only be triggered from outside ourselves? Yes, that’s my experience. It’s not within the gift of any human to achieve MER by their own efforts exclusively. Humans didn’t invent MER.

My experiences suggest that human beings are developing an ability to evolve into an Ultimate Reality that already exists as the foundation of all existence – of which humans as they are now are not necessarily a significant part.

Also significant to note is that this experience only comes to individuals, which is an important point in view of humanity’s current tribal, totalitarian, community and political instincts that work to the contrary.

The Jesus of the Christian bible evidently mistakenly believed MER is about making better humans. Is this why, when this premise failed even in his day (even with his disciples exhibiting complete ignorance of Jesus’ spiritual significance, Luke 9:46), humanity was only left with teachings of morality and ethics for the human spirit, not the Real, spiritual “holy” spirit of MER?

MER, as Jesus said, comes and goes like the wind, from where, and to where, nobody knows … ( JOHN 3:8), the implication being that there’s not much humans can do about it.

Is that why Jesus’ mission failed, because he still misinterpreted his own spiritual experience and thought it could be evangelised, prosyletised from his own MER?

My experience is that the mystical experience of Reality (MER) is caught not taught. If this is generally true, is this why Jesus’ mission was eventually limited to being merely anthropomorphic, no more than the teachings of morality and ethics of the Boy Scouts or social service clubs?

MER is a gateway to an existence more important than being or remaining merely human; in my experience of the phenomena.

The good news is that seeking or even studying this “Holy Spirit”, MER, even if we don’t experience it yet, makes us better human beings – axiomatically, automatically. MER reveals that all is well. We are loved, guarded, guided, helped, directed and protected. We are not abandoned. We are not left to our own devices “within us”.


  1. Caught not taught. Very good point. Still wrestling with this one. I find it almost impossible to explain my own experiences to another human being much less ‘teach’ my beliefs. The best any writer can do is ‘show’ not ‘tell’ – for demonstration purposes only, take it or leave it.

    I do like the viral concept of spirituality though. Many of my own life changes/states of awareness have only been activated as a result of exposure to others who have walked that particular road …


    1. Yes, one of the reasons I like your writing is because it does use the classic “show rather than tell” professional style. You awaken your readers’ own reactions rather than spoon feed them with your conclusions.

      As for your spiritual sensitivities being awoken by the very presence of some people, is that the spiritual “perfume” Sufi poets say enlightened people give off?

      All the best,



  2. I’m not sure. Again, I can only use an example to make my point. For instance, years ago I went through a poetic explosion that lasted less than a year or thereabouts then ended as suddenly as it had started. I believe it was triggered by my acquaintance with a lady who had been a poet for years. I haven’t produced anything decent in that department since. I felt at the time that I had ‘caught’ something …!

    I’m a bit wary of using the term ‘enlightened’ as to me it suggests that the inner journey has ceased somehow …


    1. Your “poetic explosion” sounds like a human experience rather than anything to do with MER, especially as you say its effects didn’t last long. Maybe there are lasting effects you’ve experienced but not noticed? Still, it doesn’t sound like anything to do with MER. Maybe the truth will come out of this poetic experience if you write about it; publishable or not!?

      So far as “enlightening” is concerned, I’ve always taken it to mean part of the actual experience of MER, though so far as light is cobcerned I only had experience of a commanding glow of pure nonhuman whiteness that came in experiences other than my MER experiences. They were probably part of the enlightenment of MER? If you write about enlightenment that might reveal insights into what you already know? Your own writing is a tool to understanding. Maybe that’s why you are a writer?



      1. I guess it’s a question of terminology. My experiences are perhaps not so much MERs but expanded states of awareness, which have been much more subtle and occurred over time as part of an ongoing process. So yes I guess we might be talking about two different things …

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