1. True mystics have always been very, very few. The true mystical experience has never been massive. Nevertheless, the true mystical experience is not a competitive achievement. Precisely through renunciation, true mystics step into a realm beyond space and time, so, rather than leaving anyone behind, it might be said that in a way they withdraw themselves from the general material competition, and start to cooperate with the larger human cause from a different plane…


    1. My experiences were spontaneous, nothing to do with renunciation or any known influence so far as I know. I had no say in the matter and from what I can discern still don’t.

      So far as “cooperating with the larger human cause from a different plane” is concerned, I have no such experience so can’t comment one way or the other. My experiences never involved any consideration of humanity. I seem to be in a process where human experience is of no consequence.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I hope mine are helpful.

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