“Mysticism is usually defined in dictionaries and encyclopedias as a spiritual discipline used to make contact with the divine. While this definition is frequently correct, there have been many people who have had mystical experiences without following a special discipline.”

From: The Mystical Experience Registry: What is Mysticism and the Mystical Experience? |


  1. The place of mysticism in our lives is very much misunderstood. Mysticism is not the indulgence of a select few outsiders who chart the limits of human experience according to their vocations. It is the heritage of anyone who pauses from time to time to ask questions of themselves. Certainly, mysticism has developed systematizations of thought in the form of signposts to guide the individual who goes beyond simple questions. But …each of us confronts the unknown at every turn.” [We each exist on a higher plane, which is the ground of being and which is unknown to our ego, the “I,” even though it is the ground from which “I’ is constructed.] “All we can do is give ourselves the space in which ‘I’ may acknowledge its own ground. In that way there is the potential for ‘I’ to grow, to become ever more inclusive in its role as wayfarer through the path of a life. Knowledge of self is the beginning and end of human potential.”

    From: Brian Lancaster, “Mind, Brain and Human Potential: The Quest for an Understanding of Self,” 1991.


    1. As my multiple mystical experiences of Reality, MER, were spontaneous, my conclusion is that MER is caught, not taught or self induced. If true, this conclusion implies humans have little to do with the phenomena, before it, during it or after it. MER is not an anthropological experience and any human attempt to make it so will fail. Reality is in charge.

      Keith, Publisher,

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