My Reply:

No thank you.

I’ve found my new book, MYSTIC EXPERIENCE OF REALITY, pub. BookLocker, is finding its own readers – those who are bewildered by an apparent calling they don’t understand, as well as by scientists and academics who are puzzled by the historical mystic phenomena the book is all about; and others, still secret mystics, who are comforted by the validation the contents offer. They are the ones who have moments of sudden understanding when they come across contents in the book they thought only they had experienced.

The book is not meant for the merely curious who are not called to it by their inner promptings.

I’m also seeing this happen with my blog,


  1. Well, I am sitting in the garden reading it now. I am loving it. The sun is out, the birds are singing and your book makes all seem right in the world. Needless to say, while not seeking to “promote” it, I will of course be reviewing it both on Amazon and on my website.


    1. Your generous response and intention to review the book are most welcome. I’m glad you’re loving the book. What a lovely serendipity first thing on this sunny, blue sky morning. Thank you, Anthony.

      Kindest regards.


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