Once you begin not taking human behaviour seriously you’ll be amazed how it wont make any discernible difference to human reality but will make you feel lighter than air.

If the old saying is true that angels are lighter than air because they have no worries, is this because they have the mystic insight that All Is Well?

Does that mean once you get that mystic insight too you get your halo? (LOL).

Or is there anything else from which you still need to be detached?

Sadly, that’d be like taking a delicately floating silk scarf from thorns without damaging it, oh soooo patiently …


  1. Hmm, yes, I have been thinking about exactly this topic with regards to what is happening in the US. It can’t be much fun there at the moment. Of course one could choose to rail on about Trump, racial discrimination, unfairness and the general ghastliness of the world.

    But when hasn’t the world been ghastly, in terms of human affairs? Nothing new there at all, just more of the same. Detachment is the way to go, although of course you and I are lucky enough to be able to keep out of trouble.

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  2. A Master was asked why he was ‘caught’ reading a newspaper. The gist of the answer was to keep at least a minimal eye on what human mythomania’s are threatening, so as to avoid the consequences, maintain core detachment.

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  3. I can see the point in that. I’m afraid I have abandoned newspapers and rely on glancing at world headlines using Google of the BBC. It is very, very rare indeed that I actually progress from the headline to an article. As it was said in Ecclesiastes, “nothing new under the sun”. In terms of human behavior anyway.Same dull old stuff: greed, fear, lust, anger, violence.

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  4. My regime too, though I use Reuters rather than Google headlines.

    On my discovery of what I later discovered was a Sufi school I hoped would help me understand my MERs I was gently warned that my reading and TV habits, as well as my friendships would change and ultimately vanish, among other things. I would have been alarmed had I understood that at the time as I thought, wrongly as it turned out, that my career in current affairs was my living. It turns out there was more afoot than being merely human.

    All the best,

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