Some time ago I pondered aloud in these pages about whether the natural time had come to stop writing the Blog after several  hundred posts. Though persuaded otherwise I was inclined to say yes, stop.

But now with a feeling of finality from publishing a book, I recently put the same question to Reality and as usual awaited a reply. Just as usual, the reply was swift and silent, enveloping me with the reminder my real reason for starting the Blog was the need to steep myself continuously in the revelations I had been given, not by retreating from daily distractions by joining ashrams, monasteries or hermitages that disqualified themselves by their idealogical, anthropological shallowness.

Also, sadly, having been initiated into a wisdom school for some time (where I learned that my experiences of Ultimate Reality did not signify dementia but a unique, what humans call, high ‘spiritual’ calling), I have now come to the realisation there is no further sustenance in that School’s comparatively limited experiences either.

So I shrugged (as it were) and got on with the Blog and was much encouraged by the response until I realised most of the Followers were ‘Muggles’ from social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and suchlike, eager to express their egos and unrealisations – who the older eastern Teachers unkindly dismissed as “Sleepwalkers”.

Coincidentally to my realising this, the Master of my School had advised me to avoid social media as spiritually unproductive. So I decided it was time to severe all such connections.

I like to think the remaining and new Followers of this Blog are what marketing experts would call, ‘qualified’, what I think the Master might agree are in their diverse ways, Seekers or even Experiencers like me. (Such fellow Experiencers quietly seek refuge, solace, from the loneliness of being marooned in humanity).

So I shall keep the Blog going as a personal practice, keeping it as pure as I can for those who are lead to it, as well as for myself, for my need to keep myself continually soaked in Reality without being diverted by everyday taboos, myths and delusions that ravage humanity so …  Reality is enough.

All Is Well.


  1. My suspicion would be that some of such places as you mention (ashrams in particular) are partly populated by, if not thrill seekers, then something remarkably close, perhaps dropouts. Personally, I see nothing wrong in “dropping out” as such (I did so 35 years ago) but what I do not like about the social media is the lack of intelligence and erudition. For any given interest you will find a bunch of followers who are….a little vapid perhaps.

    I am very glad that you are not giving up the blog. I think perhaps what you despair of is narrow dogma, rather than monasteries or ashrams or hermitages themselves.

    No one with any measure of curiosity or (dare I say it?) intelligence, will follow dogma. Original sin, the second coming, the parousia. Nonsence of course – the truth is far stranger.

    But that does not mean the thinking monk can not have profound experiences in his monastery. The best of them will long ago have ditched dogma and will have long recognized reality consists of something far different from the often facile descriptions in the scriptures. The long list of mystics throughout history mostly came from religious enclosures of some sort and many of their revelations seem pretty profound.

    However you are right. The internet is full of misleading and self serving drivel. I am very careful what I read. Most of it is a dispiriting waste of time.

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  2. I can not claim I have found an answer, let alone “the ” answer but somehow I seem to be getting closer. As I said elsewhere the truth seems to be written between the lines in lemon juice. Truth comes and goes and slips and slides. But perhaps the importance is the journey, the discovery. The abandonment of madness and stupidity in the physical world of ours. The seeking of the ideal, Plato’s or otherwise. Or, as you would say, “Reality”!


    1. Yes, I am becoming quite astonished at the ever increasing discovery of the fruits of an ever present, ever responsive Reality.

      Congratulations on the ever developing mastery evident in Is the name Anthony Garner becoming less relevant?

      All good wishes,

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