A correspondent reacted to me sending him a copy of an excellent video by a well known ‘guru’ on the necessity for Solitude and going into the Silence, by saying:

“Gotcha … Quite the celeb. And a character.”

I replied:

“Yes, he is. But he scatters his spiritual seed in the hope there is some significant harvest despite the known 80% wastage.

“My approach is only to address those who have been invited into Reality and understand what I’m saying, like Seekers, who are compelled by their undeniable Calling, and Mystics who are already enlightened even if only somewhat.

“********’s, approach is traditional, like the mission of Jesus of the Christian bible, which failed.

Human spiritual history is scattered with mystics’ failed missions to the world, mystic sharers who the world forgot or ignored. Who’s ever heard of Molinos, Guyon, or Vasishta?

It seems from the human point of view that Reality never gives up. But how can it? We are Reality too. Reality will always out.

Mystics might fail but Reality doesn’t. Reality is, and we are that forever.

All Is Well.


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