Cosmic Reality and the mystic expression of that Reality is not cultural, not human at all, any more than a tree leaf is the tree or a forest …

Reality does not grow from or belong to any culture, nation, creed, religion, language, ideology, history or philosophy.

Religions are a bastardisation of the mystic experience. Only the mystic experience reveals that Absolute Reality in which humans and everything known and unknown exists everywhere.

There is no such thing as Muslim mysticism, Christian mysticism, or any other such human parasitical attachment.

Religions, all human/cultural appendages, are just unreal human constructs of the mind, with no mystical experience of the existence of true Reality to justify their mythical existence,.

All religions can offer is hope, faith and belief, but the need for hope, faith and belief only confirms religions just don’t know. If they did they wouldn’t need hope, faith and belief!

There is only Reality. We and all things are part of that Reality. We are merely evolving creatures graduating into extinction to regain our existence into Reality again.

This is the mystic experience.

All is well.

All posts may be freely reproduced.

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