Are Science and Academia pursuing their own tails when they insist on being able to reduce Reality into human understanding? It can’t be done, not in my experience.

I came to this doubt again whilst watching Dr. Marilyn Schlitz and others being interviewed on YouTube’s otherwise excellent, “Closer To Truth” broadcasts.

I realised as I watched how for reasons as yet unknown, Reality only invites some humans, (who become known as mystics), into the experience of Itself.

This actual, individual, personal experience is the most secure pass key known to man. It only enables some humans, for reasons yet unknown, to experience Reality.

However, even these mystics don’t seem to have the attributes to experience the fullest length, depth and breadth of Reality’s existence, not this side of death anyway …

And scientists and scholars are not presently going anywhere. Perhaps they’re not mean’t to … despite Albert Einstein’s conclusion:

“… the sensation of the mystical .. is the server of all true science.”

All Is Well, human hubris notwithstanding.


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