“Enlightenment is a constant state, not (just) an instant experience.” Mysticism and Miracles

In my experiences I was certainly “instantly”, spontaneously “enlightened” as to the Reality that rules existence. The influence of these experiences has remained as my guide, guard, comfort and provider ever since.

It was only when I was thrust back ‘kicking and screaming’ into the world that I discovered I am marooned in this runaway brain atop a biological ‘human’ robot that produces and wallows in the unreal, mythomanic human condition.

I was not comforted then and am not now.

Ford said “history is bunk”. Was he implying “humanity is bunk”?

More charitably, mystic experiences suggest humanity is simply at a painfully primitive stage of an evolutionary progress.

Mercifully, we’re told the human/robot’s brain and shelf life are limited to 80 to 120 years …

All Is Well.



  1. It seems to me that the primary human emotion is fear. If we are lucky we sometimes (occasionally) experience joy or contentment. When in an altered state of mind (such as the meditative state) fear disappears and we are able to see the world as it “should” be. I believe that I am “enlightened” in the sense that I see the world and humanity for what they are. That does not offer me much comfort but it does mean that I am living in reality – in the sense that I am fully aware of the appaling conditions we are forced to live in. As to our limited existence on this earth, that must count as a blessing. I can not imagine having to suffer an eternity of life on earth.

    Of course, the various mystic traditions suggest a way out of suffering. While still alive and in situ. I wonder how many actually achieve peace on earth within themselves.

    In the recent Netflix documentary “Athos” several of the monks doubted the peace of god was obtainable this side of the veil of death.

    I too am here under sufferance and find the activities of the majority of my fellow beings mostly insufferable and absurd.

    The only defence is to have as little to do with what goes on around me as possible. To seek within and to find such peace as can be found within the context of the maelstrom which surrounds me.


    1. Lovely! The trickof course is belief and self persuasion. Which certainly ought to be possible. In your case your experiences have given you a strong belief. I have always been a disciple of Thomas!


      1. My posts are not mere beliefs or self persuasion, Anthony.

        Beliefs are trust in something not known or experienced. Self persuasion sounds merely ego driven to me…

        I strive to make my posts purely of my actual personal experiences and of the gifts of knowing and perception that seem to arise unbidden therefrom…

        Kindest regards, Keith.


  2. Indeed Keith! You have “seen the risen Christ”, I have not. I am Thomas before he put his hands in the wounds.


  3. Actually I should have said I am Thomas before I even saw JC! And then once I did see him I would still doubt until I had put my hands in the wounds. Knowing my extremely mercurial moods, my doubts would probably have persisted even after that. My receiver is such that it seems to filter out “good news”.


  4. So this was a question, which was to be answered by a human being. And, for it’s the one that makes us believe. There’s one truth that is non-dualit


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