“BECOMING DIVINE – An Introduction to Deification in Western Culture” By M. David Litwa, Ph.D.

I was thinking about getting this meticulously, scientifically researched $45 book by an accredited university scholar. Then I realised I was being enticed by human mindstuff.

Human mind stuff is irrelevant to the spontaneous spiritual experiences of Reality I had.

So the sudden realisation the concept of a God in the book’s title is man-made brought me to my senses.

In my multiple spontaneous experiences of the mystical experience of the non human, non biological Reality that rules all existence known and unknown, I never came across a God, goddesses or angels, or other humans or human constructs such as religions, cultures, ideologies, races, politics, hierarchies, nations or communities. Reality only addresses individuals, in my experiences.

Also, I never got the slightest indication of any need for special powers as mentioned in the book.

Suchlike human mind stuff are no part of the Reality that is taking us to our true individual destinies.

All Is Well.



  1. I too have never come across a god. And I have looked for one, as most of us have. A saviour, a magician who will make it right. An omniscience, an omnimpotence with whom one can communicate and ask the questions which have always haunted us. In my belief, human “stuff” is reaching out to find someone or something to make sense of an apparently meaningless universe. And in some senses, art music and literature succeed in getting us some of the way. Or at least point us in the direction of the ineffable. The absolute, reality. Its pointless to lay down rules and dogma as religion has always done. Reality is not to be defined or reached in that way. But some of our human thoughts and emotions can perhaps set us upon the right path.

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  2. Humans say money is the root of all evil but the truth is, the human mind is …

    Just look at human history outside the purity of real spiritual existence of all things everywhere known by the mystics and what do we see:

    Putin, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Alexander, Attiila, the ferocity of Christianity, Judaism and Islam , communism, socialism, authoritarianism etc., etc., ad infinitum …

    All no doubt birthed by human sincerity, but still sincerely evil.


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