QUESTION: What was your purpose in starting the Blog?

ANSWER: After some initial refusal to do anything of the kind (and the very ugly name Blog, to start with!), then a final realisation these “promptings”, that I know some Quakers listen to in order to experience mystic experiences of Reality, were growingly persistent, so I succumbed. 

Q: Did you have any expectations?

A: I had surmises, but no specific expectations. Mainly, I was curious. I watched and waited to see what would happen.

Q: Did anything happen?

A: Yes. I became gradually aware there were five indications of what was being prompted:

1. physical;

3. a new, (‘divine’?) message;

4. let’s call another aspect the spiritual; personal;

5. … and then the personal effect on some Blog readers.  

The physical was a small avalanche of responses, most of which were from social media. Most could be described with the technical expression ‘whackadoodle’. 

However, without me mentioning it but while the new Blog was under discussion, the Master of my wisdom school suggested in effect social media was spiritually unhelpful. That did it, I took all social media off the Blog’s address list immediately. The list of followers then practically disappeared. Now the list of followers is growing slowly but steadily. It is noticed by Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, GoogleSearch and web sites of major booksellers around the world.

As for the spiritual level of indications of what might be happening with the Blog, now I see all the Blog’s present followers indicate, consciously or not, they are spiritually sensitive; they “hunger and thirst” for Reality. These Seekers are who I sought to reach in the first place, as well as scholars and scientists interested in the subject of mysticism.

The third purpose the Blog might be indicating is the change in me! With the notice the blog is getting around the world, new mystic paths reveal what I didn’t realise – that I am a mystic! I am a What, not a Who; and my overwhelming passion is Reality, to which I am now fully submitted with all my body, brain, mind and soul. 

The fourth indication of purpose is the Blog expressing a completely new ‘divine’ message, a cultural meme, ie. There is no God, no gods or goddesses, there is only the Reality that controls everything that exists anywhere, physical and non physical.

This Reality is not human, not biological, It is in everything as everything is in It, does not seek worship, gives and never takes, having given us all we need It is not interested in our wants, only makes individuals aware of Itself, ignores man made cultures, ideologies, religions, politics, communalism, gregariousness, or any such human product as irrelevant to Its purpose (because they are historically imaginary, sources of all mankind’s evils), nor does It seek nor accept our help. When It does prompt us there’s nothing we can do about it but obey!

The fifth observation is the very positive effect it has had on some Blog followers. They recognise their spirituality and purposeful awakening.

Q: When you say meme, what do you mean?

A: A change in evolution.

Q: A change in evolution! I would say that is already a dramatic answer to the question a reviewer has to ask and so I will ask it: How well have you done?! Changed evolution?

A: ‘I’ didn’t come into it. I simply share my experiences. I would have to be sure of the Blog’s purpose to answer your question, which I’m not. I suspect Reality can be our only source of knowing the answer. Your question is too early for me!

Q: Final question: Was it worth it?

A:  For me, a resounding YES! I heard and I obeyed and would do so again, willingly.

Q: Thank you.

A:  You’re welcome.

All Is Well.

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