Ken Wilber is too controversial for me. The only reason I post his quote on this subject here* is because it agrees with my own conclusions! (Shame on me, eh!?).

Nevertheless, he is a widely influential American philosopher, writer and speaker –  not without the impressive merit of many published and republished books on the subject … He also had the singular courage of his calling to leave two university degree courses to pursue his own lifetime studies :

“The only true similarity between mysticism and physics is that they are part of the same reality, and that otherwise the two have very little in common. Any suggested similarities are either accidental or trivial when compared with the vast differences between them.”

*This Wilber quote is taken from a May 2022 paper on ‘Exploring the parallels between Eastern mysticism and modern physics’ by Kat Fleming,, where Wilbur is lumped with well-known physicists.

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