Mankind has a limited view of mysticism.

The common, vulgari understanding of the word “mysticism” implies an unattainable “mystery”, or “myth”, whereas in fact a mystic has experienced something that has always existed and always will exist. It is no mystery or myth. Hundreds of university departments around the world are studying and delivering courses on the subject.

Everything known and unknown already exists, is developing, is yet to be fully discovered, is not created by us – or any other species.

Scientists can’t invent this Reality. It exists in and of itself. Scientists and mystics just “discover” its attributes – the scientists by experiment, the mystics by experience.

Mystics experience a Reality that scientists merely “discover” piece by piece by scientific experimentation and comparative observation yet it is still not commonly or fully known and probably can’t be  because ordinary humans are not presently evolved enough to be able to know. But this doesn’t mean Reality is forever “mystical”, “mysterious” unknown or individually unattainable.

To understand the human condition it is important to know the  Reality in which we exist is true. This Reality just is and we are that. We humans arise out of Reality. We are made of Reality. Everything known and unknown is Reality. Earth itself is part of this greater Reality that is much bigger than anything conceived by humans or their “Gods” or gods …  Reality is not just about humans. It’s about everything, undeniable but indescribable.

As part of the process of Reality our physical earth fits us because we came from it physically. We are made of the same stuff. We come from the elements of the earth, are custom tailored by the earth. The earth is likewise customised to fit us. It’s the same with us and the greater Reality; we are compatible, synchronised; ever changing to match the exigencies of the greater Reality of the never ending, ever transitioning characteristics of the material and nonmaterial (spiritual?) cosmos of which everything is a part.

In this continuing process our minds appeared. The mind developed as a consequence of earth and humans being part of this creative, manipulative effect of the greater, non human environment of Reality.

So, the word “mysticism” is just a very limited human word. It’s not big enough nowadays to describe even the little we now understand. The growing acceptance of the existence of mystical experience of reality (MER) has made our old understanding of mysticism obsolete. The word still has lingering, wrongful connotations of occultism, spiritism, primitive ignorance, magic, religions, ecstasies, superstitions, mythomanias and cultural/political mischiefs, etc. In Reality however, where all things are perfect and all is well, there are no names – everything just is, and we are that! Mystics don’t need names. Nothing is “mystical” – it’s all Reality.

Mankind’s limited view of the mystic experience of Reality is not new. As the biblical Jesus discovered at the temple, even there at that part of the early human attempt to grasp what human existence is all about, religion and monetisation were already vulgarising the evidence.


  1. I can readily accept that scientists have barely begun to unearth the wonders of the universe, multiverse, reality. Although I assume the former two states (multiverse, universe) are mere small subdivisions or offshoots of reality. I also greatly like the argument that mysticism is not magic or intangible – it is a state in which the mystic can see the “Truth”. The what is. But you Keith were granted access some years ago as I understand it. It was involuntary – you did not seek it…Is that right? Or is this vision, this understanding something that can and should be sought out? Or, like happiness, is it not to be found like a dropped cuff-link hiding under the bed?


  2. Yes, my experiences of Reality were unasked for. I didn’t know the subject existed. So the experiences were spontaneous. I am told I was called, given my life’s vocation. I didn’t realise that right away. Like you, my experiences became my passion above anything else. The lessons from them have been continous and illuminating. I was even given the tools of discernment and discrimination. They helped me put mental logic and reason in their places. I learned that Experience in all things is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. Our madrassah like universities and colleges that now teach what to think rather than how to think are crumbling into a slow decline into human history by comparison.

    I assume that those who have these experiences are caught rather than taught. Their passion, like yours, is put into them and never quits. From my observation of those who allow their humanity to obscure this vocation (voice) face the consequences of weeds or fig trees that don’t deliver fruit, as the biblcal Jesus is quoted as saying. My advice to these Seekers who are called is not to kick against the pricks but rid themselves of all impediments, to listen in absolute silence, to hear and “go with the flow” from Ultimate Reality. Once you start, help is immediate, whether you notice it at first or not. “That which you seek seeks you”.

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