The gift of mysticism?

Are the fruits of MER (Mystical Experience of Reality), not so much the analytical thinking, logic and reason of the rational human animal, the plodding, careful integrity of the scientific truth seeker that takes us through the practicalities, the physical aspects of life? Or is it the experience of Reality that is MER?

Is MER the evolutionary unveiling of a much truer, non-human perception of our existence?

Is it a profound insightfulness, intuitive empiricism, a dissolution of our materialism, an engulfment by the joy, love and true everlasting self of true wisdom, the complete knowing of the Reality in which all things really exist and have their true being?

Is our destiny nothing so mundane as the stars and planets? Are we more than that?

Are we emerging?

Is this what the historical phenomenon of mysticism is all about: that All Is Well?



  1. Well said. I agree that the gift of mysticism is a direct experience of Reality itself, which is also Truth, Love, Joy, Bliss, Consciousness, Cosmos. It is the dissolution of our identity with the finite separate self, and the revelation of the infinite at-One divine Self. It is Reality coming to know its Self, God knowing its Self, Cosmos waking up to its own Being.

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  2. Bryce, you and Keith are pretty much in sync although you are more religious than he is. Keith, you might be interested in his blog thymindoman. Both of you ‘get it’ better than most other people.

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  3. Yes, Ron, I agree somewhat. Coincidentally, I read Bryce’s web site this morning. The thought then came to me that Mormonism could very well be part of the “chrysalis” effect on Bryce. I’ve mentioned this effect before in suggesting it as a possible definition of the evolutionary human journey to pure spiritual Reality. However, I’m still convinced actual experience of MER (Mystical Experience of Reality) is essential to human evolution and that it’s spontanious. It’s caught, not taught. However, evidence to the contrary could blow my present conviction based on my own experiences and observations to smithereens …

    Best wishes, Keith.

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  4. Keith, you said about MER “It’s caught, not taught.” In religious terms what is ‘caught’ is grace.

    Divine grace is spiritual assistance not specifically earned by its recipient. Most mystics believe that divine grace is offered at all times, in all places and to all beings, but the sentiments, thoughts and actions of the ego self, and individual isolation, block its entry.

    “God’s grace is the beginning, middle and the end. When you pray for God’s grace, you are like someone standing neck deep in water and yet crying for water.” Ramana Maharshi

    “God continually showers the fullness of his grace on every being in the universe, but we consent to receive it to a greater or lesser extent.” Simone Weil


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