QUESTION: In your poem, MAROONED* you end with, ‘From the other side of night …’

Does death perturb you, the prospect? Where you anticipate going to? It does for me, from time to time.

ANSWER: No, not really. Go with the flow.

I’ve been there, or somewhere other than here, and it included a joy of a profundity beyond human experience or understanding. It vibrated my entire existence so little else remained. I don’t think much remains of being human after death if our lives have been spiritually successful.

Coming back from there was always frightingly disappointing. I struggled against it.

Now the only feeling I have about death is having to abandon my wife. I worry about that. I find the thought very painful. Is there anything you can do about it? No, not that I know of.

(Though I do wonder where this powerful caring emotion of human love comes from – is it mere human lust, greed, attachment and ego? Is it a test?

(Reality’s love is so completely different. It is profound acceptance, an absorption into the very being of Reality, an experience beyond all human experience or ability to understand or explain).

I have gradually learned to trust Reality. It helps having been told by Reality “All is Well”.

We’re all in a benign, deeply loving, infinite process, here and beyond.


Divinity’s insouciant servants of the Light

Fly beneath my fears, over my plight,

Indifferent to my day as to my night.

Marooned in the humanity of my time,

Tired by glimpses of the divine,

Save me soon Lord, make me thine.


Marooned to solitude is your story;

Its contemplation leads you to my glory.

Love, understanding and compassion

Are the lessons of your life, your grace, your passion.

From the other side of Night,

I am your glory, your rescue Light …


(Nowadays I wouldn’t use the words “God”, “divine”, “faith”, “Divinity” or “Lord”. And I would call “the light” Reality, such a Light being a unique part of Reality.

(PS: The word “faith” has been bothering me. It signifies lack of real spiritual experience. So as I returned to this poem with my doubt about the rightness of the word the real word arrived. So I have deleted “faith” and as you will see, have inserted the more meaningful word “grace”).


  1. Keith, my joke about the afterlife:

    A 90 year old Christian man died. At the gates of Heaven St. Peter looked up his record.

    “Well, you haven’t been good enough to be entered into Heaven or bad enough to be sent to Hell. You have two choices: be born again on Earth or pass on into oblivion.”

    “What will the next 90 years be like on Earth?” asked the man.

    “Much worse than the last 90 years,” replied St. Peter.

    “Then I’ll take oblivion.”

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  2. An emailed response said:

    “The attachment to life, ie. feelings of concern for your wife, if you were to leave, is probably purely evolutionary; natural selection at work. It doesn’t pay dividends to the species to have them disregard dying.”

    I replied:

    So emotional attachment is part of the human evolutionary process?

    If so, I intuit such attachments are extinguished with everything else human when humans can eventually leave their chrysalis to become part of Reality where in my mystic experiences there is no trace of humanity.



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