Mystics are still human, even though Marsha Sinetar suggested in her best selling book, Ordinary People as Mystics and Monks, as did Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke in his best seller, Cosmic Consciousness, that mystics could be a separate species!

So, while most mystics remain invisible to most humans, they still have to live and earn their keep among humans.

I am more inclined to the words of a spiritual Master I knew. He always told his pupils they must remember that though they were, or were becoming, spiritual beings, they still had to maintain their human body and mind and live among humans at this stage – “in the world but not of it.”

This requires mystics’ habitual practices must be legal, decent and honest, avoiding contention, maintaining a balance between Reality and living with at least ninety percent of humans who probably have no idea of Reality or Its benign power over them …

A fortunate trait of mysticism for mystics however is their lives are not attractive to most humans so they can practice quietness and solitariness without being too laden with human expectations.

I was kindly warned when initiated into a Sufi wisdom school that my reading habits, choice of friends, conversations, earning a living, aversion to parties, large gatherings and religions, even choice of solo sports or exercise, would become more insistent as I was drawn into the life of what I came to realise was that of a “secular monk”.

Mystics also tend to avoid theatre, cinema, publications of fiction, dramas that rely on violence, violation, tension and suspense.

So mystics are not gregarious!

(My fellow senior initiate did not know our Master was the only one I had told of my continual experiences of mystical Reality (MER) so did not know I was already aware of these changes in me).

However this mystic way of human avoidance can be aggravatingly distracting to a mystic as it has to take into account the ever changing, sometimes faddish, mostly primitive or mythological, ego driven human moralities and ethics of their times, even though these human attributes don’t exist after death anyway.

So left to themselves, mystics wouldn’t need human morality or ethics. They are axiomatically, automatically, good people.

Fortunately, in a growing part of the human world today, this effort by mystics to hide themselves is not the life threatening necessity it once was and still is in some parts of the world.

All Is Well. Reality Rules.

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