Q.  Is it true you don’t listen to music?

A. Not entirely. I play the Irish flute and sometimes like to listen for a while to a wide range of music, from Louisiana, boogie woogie, Chopin piano, Liszt piano, Beethoven, Bruch violin, Mozart, Strauss walzes, some classical British composer’s pieces I can’t remember now; slow bansuri flute; some baroque choral; older American, French, Greek popular singers; folk ballads; Pan Pipes. But I haven’t developed a passion for music, I don’t play or listen often.

Q. So you can live without it?

A.Yes. And I do, mostly.

Q. Even the flute playing?

A. Yes. That’s just a neglected hobby.

Q. Most people have some form of music on all day wherever they are, even when in their cars or in a lineup, when shopping etc..

A. Most people aren’t spiritually experienced. I prefer silence all day.

Q. Don’t spiritually experienced people like music?

A. I don’t know, but I’d be surprised if fully developed spiritual people take it seriously. Music is emotional, mind stuff, purely human, nothing to do with the Reality that governs all existence, human and otherwise, spiritual or material …

Music reflects and occupies humanity but isn’t even evolutionary in the scientific sense. It didn’t appear in any of my mystical experiences of Reality. I’d rather be doing something else. My only lasting passion is anything mystic.

Q. So are you saying this mystical experience of reality interferes with people’s experience of music?

A. Yes, but more the other way around.

As I say, human use of sound, music, didn’t appear in any of my MERs. It doesn’t seem basic to human survival. Human use of sound never evoked any of my MERs.

My instinct, based on my experiences, is that human music is the product of the brain/mind, nothing to do with the non-human, non-biological Reality that is the basis of all existence, including humans, that mystics experience.

Q. What about spiritual music?

A. I think you mean religious music.

Q. Well, yes.

A. There’s a cavernous difference between religion and spirituality … they’re not the same thing. Religious music just stirs and elevates the senses for a while, affects the mind emotionally, temporarily, much like Rock and Roll or fast dance music. There’s nothing of Reality in it, it’s just mythomaniac, emotional, human mind stuff from my perspective – it dies when we die …

Music’s a trap, an impediment to the driven, passionate focus of genuine Seekers.

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