A Nietzsche enthusiast scolded me on the Internet. She implied Nietsche dealt with real reality and said, “mystics make up their own reality”.

I replied somewhat as follows:

It would be an oxymoron to suggest mystics make up their own Reality. Human reality is very primitive, not the Reality revealed to mystics throughout humanity’s known history.

Human evolution, all its works, dynasties, civilisations, powers, triumphs, passions, ideologies and cultures, thrive then dive. Even philosopher and their philosophies. Entropy reigns. But the Reality revealed to the mystics was here before us, remains always and will exist long after humans have gone.

The very substance of the mystic experience is the revelation of a nonbiological Reality. It is not a product of the human brain. It is beyond humanity’s present state of evolution to evoke, study, direct or know. 

It is not human. Even the human word ‘mystic’ cannot describe Reality.

The mystic experience is not even specifically for humans. It is a cosmic evolutionary process, the fullness of which is not necessarily human or going to be fulfilled this side of our individual deaths.

In that Reality, which is perfect, there are not even names. Everything in Reality is just known. Reality just is and we are that.

It rules all aspects of known and unknown existence. Its ways are not our ways and our ways are not Reality’s yet.

Reality is in charge and we and everything else, including humans, even Nietzsche, are that!

All Is Well.


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