QUESTION: Your references to ‘mere’ humans have been criticised but you have not stopped using the expression.

ANSWER: Well, ‘it is what it is’ so ‘if the cap fits, wear it’, as the saying goes! 

I’m not criticising humans, or being deliberately insulting. I’m describing them.

There’re more things afoot in cosmic existence than just being human.

At best, humans only know and revere the human spirit, not the true non-human spirit mystics experience.

Yet from what I have experienced, been told and read about mystics, even we can’t know the fullest length, depth or breadth of the real spirit of existence yet. 

I don’t believe the human race can evolve enough within its present primitive limitations to survive being exposed to the boundless knowledge of the full Reality of this true spirituality. Not yet.

Q: Oh my goodness. This is all new. It’s a lot to think about …

A: Humans need to get over themselves! We have our place in existence but that doesn’t excuse our repetitively historic mental, egoic mythomanias, wars, mayhem, chaos, hubris and narcissism.

Q: All existence, even human development, is not all about us then, not just about humanity, or not even about life as we see it right now, I guess?

A: No, it’s not!

Q: So is that why you seem to separate yourself from humanity?

A: You’ve noticed! (LOL). Mystics are by their special spiritual experiences alienated from humanity. They’re different. They need their solitude. So they’re “In the world but not of it” as the saying goes.

In my case I once likened it in one impatient bit of rebellion to being marooned …

Evolution proceeds anyway. Humans are not abandoned, mystics aren’t marooned. We are given what we need and are presumably developing as intended, each according to his or her abilities – as is everything else in creation.

All Is Well …


  1. I think ‘mere humans’ is right, and not just for the reasons given in the answers already provided.

    The more modest amongst us individual human beings will often admit “I’m only human”. Many of us are happy to admit that we have many faults and are far from perfect. If only our political and business leaders would show such modesty!

    Some humans will also humbly acknowledge the amazing abilities of other creatures who share our planet. Bees, ants and dolphins, for example exhibit amazing examples of cooperation. All manner of other creatures are capable of using tools. And they all do all of this without any form of administration!

    That we should consider ourselves ‘the bees knees’ strikes me as more than a little arrogant. It’s interesting isn’t it, that bees are able to collect and carry pollen on their knees. What do you see on many human knees? Distressed jeans!

    Yes, I think ‘mere humans’ is a fair description.

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  2. Mmm, interesting. I’m prompted to respond with a question: what do we mean by ‘a mystery’? It strikes me that how we understand that term may say quite a lot about us:

    A mystery to some is something that has to be solved, a puzzlement, a problem. As such it is an undesirable thing.

    To me, however, a mystery is more about being magical, mysterious: not something that can be pinned down or explained and, because of that perhaps, is a thing of wonder and amusement even!

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  3. In the Reality exposed to the mystics by Reality, to the fullest extent the mystics can bear in their development, there are no such things as mysteries. The word is merely human, only mind stuff, not real.

    I use the word only to signify the ineffability of the historical phenomena of the mystical experience of Reality that is known to exist but too great or extreme to be expressed or described by scientists, scholars, or even mystics …


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