Here are excerpts from the over 20-year-old interview of the recently late Freeman Dyson, Professor of physics and mathematics at Princeton University, USA, by Dr Robert Kuhn on the subject of Mind, God, Religion published on ‘Closer To Truth’ on YouTube, 5 January 2023.

(The universe) “has to have some evidence of some sort of purpose.”

“There are some things going on which appear to have a purpose.”

Ultimate Reality is what gives life meaning“.

“The universe has a mind of its own and has some sort of share in formulating the rules.”

Dyson also expressed doubt about science ever being able to access realities experienced outside science.

“Science and religion are both mysteries.”

He expressed his theory that ‘God’ might be a mind that is collecting human experiences that then make us part of that God after our deaths. He indicated such purpose might also include other universes and existencies.

He added this was not his belief but he found it attractive!

He saw the universe as a prevailing mind, a mental component not as a physical or human centred universe.

He saw God, if there is such a thing, as part of the universe, growing with the universe.

“Scientific fundamentalists say science is the only source of Truth, which I think is rubbish … it is a kind of arrogance.”


Dyson came as near to using the word mysticism as any scientist I have read or heard.

Mysticism is a much academically, scientifically, and philosophically studied phenomena but use of the word still seems like a threat to tenures and jobs. I was told this by one secret believer, a published university professor. Another believer, a prolific author on religions who is a university researcher, told me much the same. 

Interestingly however, Dysons ‘speculations’ are what my multiple mystic experiences confirm as fact, except for the mind bits and Reality ‘sharing’ its power.

(‘Mind’ is just a made up, useful but theoretical word like ‘consciousness’. So as for Reality ‘sharing’ its powers, Dyson himself mentions the possible primitiveness of current human evolution that would emphatically prevent that happening.) 

But how did he come upon these mainly truthful ‘speculations’? Did he have the mystical experience of Reality?

Was this famous, much revered, widely published nonconformist rebel scientist a closet mystic?

See below for the full interview.


  1. “I am a practicing Christian but not a believing Christian. To me, to worship God means to recognize that mind and intelligence are woven into the fabric of our universe in a way that altogether surpasses our comprehension.”

    Bravo Mr Dyson, I am with you all the way.


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