THE REAL HARD QUESTION – for scientists and mystics?


From a mystic’s point of view the dung beetle, for instance, and human science are in the category of the micro phenomena of existence – whereas the mystical experience of Reality (MER), is the only phenomena in current human experience that is the macro category it occupies.

So the real hard question of science and mysticism is, how macro is Reality?

Does mysticism already know?  If not, which one will know first, science or mysticism?

(Answer: Mystics! – Reality has been giving mystics the answer to this one for thousands of years).


  1. Stephen Hawking said that science would take us on a path to “the mind of God”. By that he meant that we would know everything that God would know, with the caveat, “if there were a God, which there isn’t. I’m an atheist.”


    1. For some reason i see Google took the quote marks off so this time I put them on again – but again its new search did not produce answers to my verbatim quote, just other quotes with similar meanings. Odd.

      So I tried Wikipedia with the quote, adding the word “science” (“The more science discovers the bigger God gets”). Wikipedia also deleted the quote marks and couldn’t find the quote either …

      Anyway, I think the original quote is cute but wrong.

      The truth could be that the more science discovers the bigger science gets, whereas as more mystics are created the more they’re embraced into a Reality that leaves human science behind, perhaps even humanity behind eventually too?


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