Q. In your mystical experiences of Reality, (MER), did Reality demand worship, service, duties, observances or rituals?

No. The idea that anyone who has the genuine mystical experience of Reality feels “called” as if to a religion with all a religion’s human trappings, with the implication you have any kind of choice to serve or not is ludicrous. When Reality calls the transition is unobservable, in my experience. Nothing about you is ever just you again, to be or do what you like. The experience is a transition. There is no return to a place from where you were once “called”. To say otherwise is just human hubris, mythomania.

Reality does not ask for anything, not even to be worshiped or “followed”. Reality just gives. When Reality manifests It leaves no instructions. It seems to me the experiences work on you unheeded. It certainly takes you out of the human experience to the extent that attempts at evangelisation, proselisation of MER are oxymoronic. MER does not come to make us better human beings. It does its own unknown work on humans without human involvement.

Q. This is nowhere near the historical mystical experience, is it?

No. Historically, the mystic experience has been smothered by humanness. Paradise Lost you could say. Perhaps we are now at a new development in evolution, a turning point?

Q. If true, these are very new Revelations. Aren’t there very serious implications for the way the human race is conducting itself – in law, justice, governance, economics, philosophies, religions, morality and ethics for example?

In view of this perhaps new mystic revelation of a Reality beyond most human comprehension, it seems to me the most serious implication for humans is the realisation of the supreme cosmic importance above all else of the individual as opposed to the collective. All real cosmic values lie in the individual.

Q. What was your immediate reaction to the experiences?

When I had my first experiences of MER I actually wondered aloud, “What now?” The answer was always, (in translation!), “Nothing, everything is taken care of – go, enjoy your life”. I remember protesting, “but I have no propensity for enjoyment”. I never got a reply to that.

Q. There was no demand for service to Reality?


Q. Do you have a propensity for enjoyment?

Not ordinarily. I’ve always been odd man out in most human “enjoyments”. I have always abhorred groups, parties, “celebrations”, communalism, politics, ideologies (more hubris), or pagan rituals smothered by consumerism. I’ve spent a lot of energy disguising these traits. However, I am content with solitariness, thinking and writing about Reality, riding, solo sailing, hanging out with friends as a kind of brain washing.

Travel to and in 24 countries has been a burden in a busy life as I’m not a traveller when business doesn’t call, nor a tourist, hiker or adventurer. I don’t go on tours or take photographs. Monuments and remarkable edifices, churches and temples remain unvisited, like the Taj Mahal, Table Mountain or the Eiffel Tower. I just can’t take them seriously.

Q. So your life is not given in service to Reality?

Not that I’m aware of, no. But I am completely taken in body, mind, spirit and strength. It is practically all I am. The human part of life is a constant inconsequential harassment. In many ways my “hunger and thirst” has intensified as a result of my MERs, made me impatient with life, which fortunately is short and terminal … (laughs loudly, shakes his head, wipes his eyes and smiles deeply). I just hope it’s not all been some cosmic joke …

Q. So what is MER then?

It’s like a seed planted only in some humans for the time being, bringing oneness with a Reality that includes everything known and unknown, with a sense of belonging to everything, experience of a love and joyousness unknown to those who haven’t yet experienced Reality. Very intense. Followed by a lifetime’s processing. Paradise Regaining?

Q. Are you implying everyone will experience MER eventually?

Yes, my intuition is everything that exists will experience MER as a process of evolution to something as yet only experienced by the mystics.

Q. Will our space explorers find Reality?

No. Astronauts are going in the wrong direction – into matter, not out of it …

December 2019


  1. “I have always abhorred groups, parties, “celebrations”……. I am content with solitariness”

    Oh dear I know the feeling. And unlike you I have never disguised those traits. I shudder when I think of the miserable 14 years spent in law and investment banking.Although to be fair there was the odd bright spot.

    Other than a hermit, I wonder whether there would have been any other suitable career? I have sometimes thought being a lighthouse keeper would have done the trick or perhaps a postman delivering mail by boat in the Scottish islands.

    I used to wonder whether I wanted to be a monk, but of course a belief in god (sadly lacking in my case) would have been a lacking necessity. Not to mention an ability to live in a community which would have made the calling impossible for me.


  2. Keith and Anthony,

    Reality doesn’t require faith, belief or worship. It is what it is, with or without us.

    This life has been more enjoyable than it seems to have been to you two. My first trip abroad was on a Carnegie grant to attend Lucknow University in India. During my career in the travel industry I have visited 40 countries, returning to 24 of them three or more times. My flights and hotels were at no cost to me.

    Rose, my wife of 50 years, is the kindest and most considerate person I have met. She joined me on many of trips, which were mostly for business and a few on holiday. Now we have settled down to a quiet life together in Los Angeles. I enjoy solitude and do not join groups, except those online about mysticism.

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  3. It seems to me we three are of a kind, Ron, though I surmise you have a greater propensity for enjoying the human experience. Anthony’s writings signify a deep enjoyment of a life with music, choral glory, pastoral sensitivity and poetry. I suspect we three “god botherers” share an unusually strong sense of the numinous, even though our human experiences have been so different. To me, both of you have been a serendipity of validation.


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