Mysticism is not a philosophy. It is a personal, individual experience of a Reality beyond human consciousness, logic, reason or intuition.

This is why those who have experienced it have such an ineradicable conviction of the phenomenon’s existence.

They have experienced a powerfully non biological, creative, joy of giving, knowledge, a oneness of all embracing existence of everything, even matter, that is completely beyond mankind, on a level beyond all human consciousness, measurement or interference.

Philosophy on the other hand is all supposition, mind stuff like logic and reason for instance; ideological like socialism, communism or religions, none of which even have successful human experiences to support their mythomania.

All Is Well.


  1. The “world” and its struggles become increasingly unattractive. Wars and famine, torture and oppression. A
    spoilt Princess determined to run for the presidency. A mad ex President seemingly bent on revolution. An uncontrollable plague threatening to decimate the world’s population.

    I do not suppose the world has ever been much better. Or much worse. One just tires of it.

    And as to philosophy? I have long given up reading such tortuous and usually meaningless speculation.

    What is left? To dream perhaps. To long for a reality where such tiresome nonsense does not exist.

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