QUESTION: Are you against all religions? 

ANSWER: Your question lead me into a contemplative reverie that has produced a more realistic view of religions.

They seem based on one man’s mystical experience of reality, (MER) which after his death degenerated into religions of the human spirit, not the Reality of MER!

This is because MER is secured from human tampering by Reality. It cannot be distorted by religions, evangelisation, proselytisation, teaching or study. 

That is why none of the founders left any spiritual instructions. They couldn’t. MER is ineffable as our scientists say. 

The ‘founders’ of religion only left human mind stuff – morality, ethics, principles, values – manmade stuff that degenerated into politics, ideologies, philosophies, means of governance, or even worse, devices of power and manipulation, wars, and violations … 

Today we see religions finally crumbling as a consequence. Others that aren’t, will!

However, MER has not deserted the human race. There are still four distinct spiritually related human types being created, as they always have been throughout human history:

First, (says he modestly!) Reality enlightens some humans. We know them as mystics.

Second, some humans have an inbuilt need to know what they are and why. They struggle to find this, their real identity. Some of them have stronger needs than others. They are the ones the Christian bible recognise as having a hunger and thirst for what used to be called righteousness. It was recognised by the early monasteries as a calling – literally, a compelling voice that remains with them for life. They are the Seekers.

Third, there are the humans who are impelled to rely on the experience of the world’s values, changing moralities and ethics, to satisfy their own ultimate level of understanding.

And fourth, there are the seemingly unaffected 80 percent of materialistic humans. 

Encouragingly, though three and four may not believe in Reality, Reality believes in them, now and always. 

So now I understand that we are all changing, growing. At the same time we are always where we are meant to be, with or without religions.

All Is Well.

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