QUESTION: You sometimes mention “hungering and thirsting after righteousness”. You have said this refers to what you call “Seekers”.

ANSWER: The quote is from the Christian Bible’s Beatitudes. It says those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are blessed and will be satisfied. 

Some of today’s bible mindreaders say the Jesus of the New Testament was referring to becoming better humans; seeking social justice, wokeness etc.  

That would be like trying to reduce Absolute Reality, the divinely seminal exhortation, to the merely mundane human level, to personal and social concerns, not to the intense ever present calling to acquire full awareness of a spirituality beyond present human understanding that Seekers experience.

Spiritual understanding is the point of all present individual human development – including yours!

Seekers and Mystics see this.

Seekers, for instance, flail through the lust anger, greed, attachments and ego associated with the cultural demands (brain washing?) thrust on us all from birth wherever we are born in the world.

Some say this is the Negative Principle (ie: Devil) interfering with Reality’s processing. I have never come across this Principle, nor the Devil or devils.

Lust, anger, greed, attachments and ego are the veils keeping Seekers from their inborn caĺling to hunger and thirst for the answers to the questions, ‘what am I; what’s it all about?’. 

The merely human answers –  scientific, theological, philosophical, the social mores, religions, ideologies and politics, are spiritually useless. They’re all human mind stuff, shadows of Reality –  the weak “feet of clay” to which the bible refers.

On the other hand, it seems the experience of Reality’s cosmic existence only comes to certain humans by spontaneous revelation whether they seek it or not, study it or want it or not … None of them seem to have any qualifications ordinary people would recognise.

Even then some of these mystics, like the Jesus of the bible and others in every culture historically around the world also mistakenly think these spiritual answers must be meant to make us all better humans. They’re not!  –  not if my more modern experiences are anything to go by. 

The only source of knowing Reality, the existence of all things everywhere, seems to come spontaneously from Reality only to individuals who then become mystics, whether they ask for it or even understand it. 

The knowledge of the Reality of all existence that came from my multiple annual first hand personal and uncalled for experiences from youth to manhood, show Reality is not biological, and It is indifferent to human wants, worship or persuasion. 

This Reality has given humans all we need. It develops its own purpose for us individually, never lumps us in with any human social or cultural identification.

We are created unable to interfere with Reality’s human personal evolutionary process. Reality is in charge. We are shown as much as we can bear as we evolve.

I believe Reality is cosmic consciousness, from which all things known and unknown were and are created and sustained. It is where we came from and where we’re destined to return.

In the meantime, as ever, Seekers seek, Mystics know, and Reality rules.

All Is Well.

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