In MER, Mystical Experience of Reality, there are no rules. In Reality all is as it should be. There, mystics are safe. In fact, they’ve probably merged into Reality so no longer exist. Reality doesn’t know what a mystic is. Mystic is a human word.

However, in the mystic’s human state, there are observances a mystic might find useful:

  1. Pragmatic defensiveness using avoidance and silence help deal with the generality of humanity, even if you’re in a caring profession.
  2. Being decent – doing no harm, spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally to any part of the creation, is basic, and also a good defence whilst marooned here,
  3. Being legal, wherever in the babble of human cultures and tribal instincts, institutional taboos and mythomanic attachments you may find yourself, will usually keep you safe,
  4. Being honest will commend you to the generality of humans – if applied with discernment and discrimination, as not all humans are equal. (Warning: They think they are),
  5. Generally, avoid human expectations as you would untimely death,
  6. Hone your mystical invisibility to maintain your centre of content and spiritual focus in your temporary human state,
  7. By all means, be sympathetic and empathetic in thought, word and deed when faced with human predicaments, but do not believe or infer to others you can be of much real help. There is a difference between true, correcting and lasting help and selfish interference. (We see this in the separating evils of religions, politics, and passive/aggressive egos – all of them strong, human mind-conditions you’ll stumble across often).

Basically, just escaping into contemplative remembrance of your MER(s) until you regain your mystic equilibrium will meet most of the problems of your developing calling whilst here.

Keep heart, you’ll never again be as far from Reality as you are now …

Onwards and upwards. All Is Well.



  1. Love it. I am not sure I have ever had a true mystic experience and yet I can lay claim to the odd sartori here and there. I once spoke to the dead, in my imagination at least. I have a strong sense of peace when wrapped in the quiet enclosure of a country church and leaf through a few psalms. I sing renaissance choral music and am deeply moved by it. I meditate, informally but constantly. I have searched my entire life for the philosopher’s stone. You seem to have found it!

    I too have been through the entire gamut of religious and mystical systems to reject the great majority of each such system in favour of….yes, I suppose a sort of quietism. Resignation perhaps. A realisation of the inherent absurdity of the world of 10,000 things.


    1. “I have searched my entire life for the philosopher’s stone.” If you can describe yourself, Stoic, you are blocking yourself from your Calling. You are a Seeker, only that, for now. That which you seek, seeks you. Being wholly human is a distraction from you true self if my experiences are anything to go by.

      Onwards and upwards! There are no failures.


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