Q:  You say in the introduction to your blog, “You are at the wrong site if you are just seeking to be a better human being.” You don’t mean that do you?

A:  Yes I do. The message of the Mystical Experience of Reality (MER) has been misinterpreted to mean it has to be spread to the world.

No it doesn’t. It can’t be. MER is caught, not taught. It can’t be evangelised or prosyletised. True mystics (those who experience MER) are only created by Reality, not humans. 

The mystics of history paid a terrible personal price for trying to ‘spread the word’. They failed anyway – as the state of the human race demonstrates to this day…. 

Q:  So what was the point of your MER experiences? 

A:  One of the things that was made quite clear to me was that I was to do nothing, just enjoy being human! (I’m still working on that enigma). The message was firm though:  Reality is in charge of everything everywhere, including us. 

This was further confirmed in one of my MERs when I was told, All Is Well. (It took me many years to understand this).

But I have an idea humans are in a chrysalis state of development. We don’t live long, then after death we become pure spirit. indestructible, belong to everything in ineffable joy as everything belongs to us, everything one in Reality.

Q: This is all very different to what people think … This is a new message!  What about religions for instance, are they wrong?

A:  I’m not going to prod that emotional malarkey with a stick! Let sleeping dogs lie … are you religious?

Q: I like to think of myself as spiritual rather than religious.

A: So, no, you’re not religious! So do you think religions are any of your business, then?

Q: (Stares). I guess not …

A:  Religions have no existential experience of MER so preach non MER things like morality and ethics. These are mere human  values that change from one lifetime to another. Reality is eternal.

Q. So being a better human being is irrelevant?

A:  To mystics and seekers, yes!  But being a better human becomes axiomatic, even automatic, once individuals find themselves on the spiritual path. 

We might not believe in Reality but Reality believes in us! 

All Is Well.



  1. As you know I am not religious and have no belief in man made gods. Morals and ethics – for me at least that is a different story. There may be no absolute right or wrong in this curious universe of ours but I can not help but admire the morality taught by the better religions. The Beatitudes being a prime example. If there is no absolute morality, then at least we have made our own and while I have human form I am determined to try to make myself a better person, whatever Reality has in store for me, for us.

    I do not try to do “good” – I don’t have the energy. Nevertheless, like the Buddhists I do try to avoid damaging others and I see no particular harm in trogging along their noble eightfold path. As far as I am able.

    None of this is by design or any effort on my part. As you rightly say, it seems to become automatic once you start to ponder the meaning of life and death. Once you let go and simply sit in silence. I never set out to try to be a better person. Nor do I claim to be any sort of goody two shoes. None the less “wrong” behavior has just become increasingly unpalatable to me as the years have worn on.

    I do not seek entrance to any set of pearly gates, nor the company of 1,000 virgins. I do not seek the approval of some god or supernatural entity. Or anyone else, least of all my fellow humans. I simply try to follow a path which seems to me to be “right” in some indefinable way.

    As to what awaits us after death, I do not profess to know. Whether it is something or nothing does not seem to tax me too greatly.

    There are my random thoughts, anyway.

    All best wishes.

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  2. Do I detect your residual attachment button was twanged, Anthony? Heh, heh.

    As you agree, your detachment from the human condition does become automatic on the spiritual path. Your change is very marked.

    Your careful thoughts are much appreciated.

    As ever,


  3. “Let go and let God’ was a quote Richard Allen, a Quaker elder, used to use. He had close ties with the Dominicans so I surmise he was drawn to mysticism and would be happy with my use of the word Reality instead of God”. However we express it the admonition still holds its seminal power.

    I suspect from your comment you’re experiencing its experiential hold. As you say, your human behaviour is already changing! You don’t think Anthony Garner is doing that do you. Really?

    Best wishes.



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