Q:  How do you know you’re called?

A: I think the description of someone being ‘called’ is an inaccurate human reference to the mystical experience of Reality, (MER), that make some humans into mystics. 

Mysticism isn’t a calling as if it’s some practise/profession of human activity. Mystics aren’t called, they’re absorbed into Reality and released back into humanity.

Q:  Why?

A:  No one knows. Even serious scientists who accept the phenomenon say it’s ineffable, indescribable.

Q:  Why is that so?

A:  Because Reality is not human, it’s nothing to do with humans as humans are now. That’s my intuition. There were no humans in my MERs, even I found myself watching myself disappear eventually. There was nothing biological involved whatsoever.

Q:  The monasteries were said to examine would-be entrants for a personal ‘calling’ before they were admitted. 

A:  I don’t know the entry rules for today’s monasteries but real gurus of today do look for genuine Seekers in order to assuage what the Christian bible calls such people’s “hunger and thirst for righteousness”, (Matthew 5:6).  This passion is unique to true Seekers everywhere.

Q: Jesus said he had faithfully delivered his message to those already prepared by God. Isn’t this what mystics should be doing?

A:  No. I think it was that human desire to spread the word that inexorably made Jesus’ mission fail and finally brought the religions to their end days. Religions lack the real thing, spirituality, because MER is spiritual, and it’s caught not taught. It’s not a social ideology either.

Q: What can I do to find out if I’m really called?

A:  if you are truly called, the posts on may help you identify yourself as a made, genuine Seeker – separate from about 80% of the human race whether you like it or not. Each post in the blog is as genuine a representation of my MER experiences as I can make them. 

You won’t have to read the whole blog to know if you are in fact a humble, submissing Seeker or not!

All Is Well. Reality Rules.


  1. “Seeking truth is the first stage toward finding it. After seeking comes the realization that Truth is also seeking the Seeker himself. The third stage…in which the Sufi is learning from the Way, is when learning reaches a special stage: when the Seeker realizes he is acquiring knowledge in a range beyond ‘seeking’ and ‘finding’ or ‘being sought’.” Pahlawan-i-aif


  2. I’m not familiar with this Pahlawan-i-aif reference, Ron. Is it a name?

    I am oddly moved by this explanation of Reality’s workings though I never went in search. I never knew of such a possibility. I was suddenly caught and shown Reality beyond any experience I’d ever had. It was only during a secular discussion prompted by an article we’d read about finding our passions so as to achieve our destinies when I said I had no particular passion that my wife cut in and said to my embarrassment, ”Why Keith your passion has been God all your life”, that I had a minor ephiphany of the meaning of my mystical experiences of something far greater than ‘God’.

    As for acquiring the understanding that what we seek seeks us, that came when I was jolted again. this time into the realisation, mystic certainty, that this is true when my then Master said so …

    The third stage has been true for me for a long time. I am given answers to questions I never ask and am not sure I’d ask anyway! These unasked ‘questions’ become fully understood when I get their ‘answers’!

    Best regards,


  3. Yes Ron, it’s occurred to me that while there are fundamentals of the mystical experience of Reality that are shared, the life long acquisition of learning from the phenomena is for some reason unique to each person’s spiritual development.

    For instance, Idries Shah reported it as a “leak”. Most were lead to shouting the experience from the housetops on the premise humans must find it for themselves to make a better society. In some forms of Hinduism some who had the experience did so at the topmost level of purity where humanity, even the experiencer, did not exist. My acquisitions from the experiences I had are different too as my posts reveal I think. Clearly the mystic experiences of Reality do not conform to any commonality of human expectations.

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